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ZEEQ The Smart Pillow: That Make You Sleep Smarter!

What person needs for a comfortable and beautiful life? Good vibes, Beautiful home, Healthy Food, Some friends to hangout and Some music! Isn’t it? I know, there are lot of things that human wants for a good life. But with these lil things, person can enjoy his day!

Apart from all these stuffs, a good sleep is very necessary! If you haven’t had a good sleep, you can’t enjoy your day even tough you have the best things of the world! So, here is something that makes you sleep healthier and smarter!

Zeeq Smart Pillow
Zeeq Smart Pillow helps you stop snoring and stream music


Zeeq pillow is the latest smart pillow in the market that makes you sleep smarter! Sleep smarter? You must be thinking what’s that? :/ Right?

Well, this pillow is  designed pretty nice and equipped with some great features that make you sleep like a kid! Just like the smart band, this is the smart pillow in the market. This comfortable pillow will play music, tracks your sleep activity, vibrates when snore so you change your position and at the end: wake you up smartly! These were some highlights of this comfy stuff. Let’s see some detailed features it have!


The music can be played from the iOS Music, Android Music & Spotify. It also have feature to set the timer for music to get stop after certain time. So just simply select the songs from app, set the timer that you want and enjoy the music before you go sleep. They also created some soft music, to make you sleep more restful!

It is made in such a way, that it won’t disturb your partner and can be audible to you only! Well, yet another great thing for music lover, that you don’t need to sleep by wearing the earphones and sleep messy. No more earphones while sleeping!

Snoring is bad!

Snoring is bad!

Do you snore while sleeping or your partner does or anyone in your home snores- that makes you sleepless whole night? This Zeeq solves that problem too!

This pillow vibrates when it hears you snoring, and encourages you change the position and stop snoring! It vibrates in such a way that it won’t wakes you up, but just stop snoring. When you wake-up in the morning, you can check how loud you snored at night and how long it went. It tracks everything that can help you to improve your sleep. Also you can compare your snoring habits from the past!


This is the most important thing, that is must to own a good pillow! Is this a comfortable pillow? Yes sure, it is! It is made with soft and cozy memory foam that is well durable. It is not only focused on tech features, but also mainly focuses on the comforts.

What is the use of a pillow if it is not cozy! Rite?

Sleep Analysis

It gives you a perfect sleep analysis about how healthy your sleep was and also many different types of data that is useful. You can check the sleep data, snoring score, set the alarm and many more! It also gives you a sleep motion stats, that know you: how often you toss & turn and how deep your sleep was!

These insights will help you to achieve a better sleep!

If you are thinking to buy one, don’t hesitate to give a try! Here is where you can pre-order it and know more about: Zeeq Smart Pillow

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