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Anti Gravity GOAT Case For iPhone Amazon Review

The sticky case for mobiles, which is built with nano technology, that will help to stick at almost any surface! This Goat Case got pretty much popularity by huge promotion in almost every country. By this time, you must have aware of all the features of the case. If not, here is all you need to know about this Magical Nano Sticky Cover:

Anti-Gravity GOAT Case
Goat Case Amazon Review
Ever dream of a case that would allow you to truly use your smartphone hands-free? Well, the time has come. Simply hoist your phone on most solid surfaces, and enjoy!

Now, you will be able to attach your phone to the mirror and watch that makeup tutorial while you’re applying makeup, watch that football game while you’re shaving, FaceTime without having to hold your phone in your hands the entire time, or how about Netflix in the tub? Just attach your phone to the tile wall and enjoy! The possibilities are endless.

So basically it is pretty cool stuff in the market that you must try it out. If you never leave your mobile, even while brushing your teeth or while taking a shower, this case is for you! You can make your mobile phone stick to the mirror so you can enjoy your shower while playing songs on your cell.

If you use navigation in your car and having problem to use mobile while driving, don’t risk your life. Simply open the navigation in your mobile and stick it to the front glass of the car. Problem solved! Like all these stuffs there are many other things that can be used with this stick case!

Here are the below Pros & Cons of this case.

  • It can stick to almost all surfaces. especially the mirrors!
  • Good and easily accessible to buttons.
  • It is slim fit so it doesn’t make your mobile look bulky
  • Comes with nice texture for better gripping.
  • If you drop your phone more often, this one is totally not for you.
  • It is not trust-able to hold on a wall.
  • This case will stick to anything and make the all dust to stick on it.
  • This case is having no protection for screen will end up cracking.

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